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VetCV is a platform to manage issues that directly affect you.
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We have built VetCV to be a companion app to help you manage your career, healthcare, and benefits associated with military service. We have taken a multi-pronged approach intended to deliver features that assist you in advancing your quality of life.

We recognize that a significant source of comfort and security stems from stable employment. As a result, we have built an environment to connect you to employers actively seeking qualified, trainable candidates for a range of professions.

VetCV is a free service with multiple features; privacy and security is our highest priority. We do not sell private information to advertisers, third parties, or anyone else. Employers pay to post jobs looking for candidates who have a proven track record of integrity, committment, and excellence. Occupational data is deidentified and aggregated to help identify employers looking for specific roles, credentials, knowledge, skills and abilities. Your personal, contact, and private data is safeguarded against any dissemination within the VetCV application. The only time employers affiliated with VetCV will have access to your contact or professional information is when you apply to their job posts. Your private information is never shared.

Managing and storing service records such as official orders, performance evaluations, and other documents enables you to maintain an accessible copy of the records that affect your career. VetCV gives you the platform to do that. We recognize that these are not the only records you may consider vital, and in response have built a feature to help you manage essential healthcare documents as well.

If you want to pursue an active lifestyle, VetCV offers a path to personal growth with activities such as fishing, yoga, art, cooking classes and more - all tailored specifically for Veterans.

We have more features planned to help you make better use of VA benefits, shortlist great career opportunities, plan your next PCS or move, and others to be announced.

Join thousands of other Veterans and active duty military who have started enjoying this all-encompassing tool to help Veterans and their families enjoy a better quality of life.