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We are always expanding the VetCV Resource Library to help you Navigate Quickly to resources and tools you will find useful from time to time.

The list will grow over time but if you have any suggestions, let us know. Take a deeper look at these VetCV Tools by clicking on the Download or Learn More buttons.


Tips & Tools

Family Budget

Click to open an easy PDF form where you just fill in the blanks to set up your monthly budget. Below are a few helpful short video tips to get you off to a great start!

Budgeting Tips Videos
Achieve Financial Wellness

On behalf of the Schultz Family Foundation, VetCV's Patriot Teaming Partner, the PsychArmor® Institute, is proud to offer these FREE short and relevant video courses as guides and tips for service members and their families to help you keep your financial planning healthy.

Housing - Renting and Homeownership

For most of us, rent or our home mortgage is the biggest monthly financial expense. TeamVetCV has assembled tools, tips, and trusted resources for renters, home buyers, and anything Veterans and their families may need involving housing.

Access to Healthcare

Access to affordable healthcare services should be high on your list of priorities. If your new civilian employer doesn't offer healthcare benefits or if you have high co-pays or deductibles, check out Health Karma.

Healthcare - Access to Care Not Covered by VA, TRICARE, or Insurance

Access discounted health and wellness services on procedures that are not usually covered by insurance or offered at Military Treatment Facilities, or through TRICARE or VA. With this Patriot Teaming Partner, Beyond Med, receive an average discount of 20% on self-pay procedures from their network providers.

National Resource Directory

The NRD is a database of validated resources that supports recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration for service members, veterans, family members, and caregivers. We strongly encourage you to take a look at this powerful resource!



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