VetCV Vault

VetCV is designed to provide Veterans with a secure, safe, online “vault” to store and share important documents such as medical history, photos, and personal information. Soon, users will be able to manage their health care activities, make appointments, keep track of those appointments and even rate their medical experience.

Manage your Career

VetCV matches the skills, experiences, and training acquired during your service with the right careers available in the market. Let VetCV position you to compete and win that civilian job.

Simplify Benefits

Imagine an application that can identify resources and benefits that you have access to and notify you of the availability of those resources and explain how to apply/receive them.

Store Records

Now you can securely store and access all of your medical, military, and other important records from anywhere at any time. Access you and your family’s important records when you need them. Just upload you documents or snap a picture to load them into your vault.

Hire a Veteran

VetCV is the place that connects employers with Veterans. We are filling the gap between Veterans who are looking for job opportunities and employers who are looking to hire a Veteran.

Veteran Wellness

VetCV offers a wide variety of lifestyle and wellness tips for Veterans, active-duty, family, and friends. Discover how fishing, hunting, and even nutrition can help your life.


VetCV holds security and trust as two of the most pivotal aspects of the application. Your data, your privacy, and your trust are sacred to us and we perform accordingly. VetCV is one of the safest applications out there.

A Mission to Help Veterans
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