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Welcome to your future. The VetCV App puts Veterans and their families in control again. VetCV is a Web App created by Veterans, for Veterans, providing Active Military, Veterans, and their families with a secure, safe, online Vault to help with transition, careers, easy access to "Life" tools, and resources we can all use as we move through life's next adventures.

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The VetCV App is a comprehensive digital platform to help you manage your career, organize important military service, home, and medical documents all in your private Cloud. The VetCV Vault is your very own single collaborative digital private environment!

Now you can organize all service records such as training and certifications, deployments, performance evals, awards, your DD214, and even important home documents in one place so you can easily and quickly get to them when you need them again. Some of you will just start by using your Vault to find jobs, others will use other Vault features when you need it.

We start by connecting real people to real jobs with Patriot Employers & Partners throughout the US. Our Patriot Partner sponsors make it possible for us to make VetCV free to Users. Basically, Veteran and military friendly partners need you to join their team or they have a product or service they believe you can use. That said, no information is ever shared with them, they can only post jobs and be a sponsor so that you decide if you want to learn more the old fashioned way.

First step, create a great Resume in your VetCV Vault, we've made it easy. Finding a great job with a great employer -- and keeping it, is key to launching and navigating a successful transition.

Then we try to help with other stuff you might need like easy access to VA resources, a place to easily organize and store important home and medical info so you can quickly find it when you need it, and much more. We are always working on something new our members want or need.

Families, caregivers, and patriots are encouraged to create their own VetCV Vault not only to support their Veteran, but also for themselves.

Find a job, discover a career path, organize and store medical and military records, find and access resources and benefits, and much more.

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Version 2.0 of VetCV November Release!

We have been working hard over the last 18 months on the New Version 2.0 of the VetCV Vault App and expect to launch in time for Veterans Day.

With this new version, we are be able to add and enhance Vault features much faster than before. You 'll see that we have 86'd features we initially thought were really cool but found that nobody ever used. This help us keep our focus down range on what matters.

There are a couple of features from the previous version we are still working on that will be pushing up after this release though, we ran out of runway to hit our Veterans Day deadline. So stand by for those to be going live too, we'll keep you posted!

What I like especially is that it definitely does what it says its going to do; be a one-stop shop and essentially a "transition buddy." The dashboard features a lot of resources (application for health/education benefits etc.) those frankly, especially as a recently separated veteran, are actually quite elusive during the transition process.

Steven D.

Our app is so easy & intuitive that learning your way around it requires no documentation or complex instructions.



Organize & manage important "life" stuff with just clicks & drags 

VetCV is the Veterans’ online home - a place where Veterans can find resources, organize and store important home, medical, and military records, even discover career possibilities. More than just a web application, VetCV is a virtual friend you can count on as you transition to your New Life as a civilian or to your next adventure. VetCV is built by Veterans, for Veterans.

Our app is so easy & intuitive that learning your way around it requires no documentation or complex instructions. Plus, you can't break it so just try it out by making your resume! Later, when or if you need it, start using other cool features.

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Finding a Job -

Career Transition

Find a great job and keeping it

Our advanced technology can detect hidden connections and jobs or career paths you never thought possible. In addition, VetCV will guide you through the steps to get there!

The transition from military to civilian life can be difficult. However, VetCV can guide you to the resources you need to build a winning resume, excel in interviews, and find the job or career that fits your interests and skill set. Let VetCV position you to compete and win that civilian dream job!

Of course your career starts by being qualified with the right skills, training, and education, then finding that perfect job to transition into. Start by creating your resume with the VetCV Resume builder.

No matter if you are transitioning or if you are taking your family to your next duty station and your spouse needs to find a military friendly employer, VetCV is here to help.


Transition & Resources

Being Prepared Means Planning & Research

Because individual needs are unique, VetCV helps you find tools, tips, links to resources you need. You'll find links to career guidance such as the DoD's Credentialing Online tools, VA forms, and to partners offering resources ranging from tips on how to interview, ideas for better nutrition and health, to starting your own business as a Vetrepreneur, and more.


Service, Awards, & Stories

We designed it so you can be in control

Whether you need to quickly access your DD214 or other supporting documents to prove your deployment history for your Comp & Benefits award, track your Medals and Awards, or just want to have a place you can upload your "War Story" pictures - your VetCV Vault App has you covered!

Safely organize and store important documents by uploading or simply taking a picture with your phone.

Keep simple things simple and avoid clunky and messy paper files that you can never remember where they are, just use your VetCV Vault.


Personal Health Summary

Coming soon - We're still working on this feature

Keep track of your insurance information and essential summary medical history, including your meds and prescriptions. No more stressing about finding important information when you need it, just click to store the event and results so you'll have it when you need it. VetCV organizes important stuff you need to access in an emergency!

You'll also be able to find a doctor or add a profile for each of your doctors, even keep track of your appointment history. You will also be able to track your immunizations, allergies, and more.

How would you like to rate your experience at the VA or other places you go for care? Well, we are working on this too. VetCV is integrating a medical center rating system so that we can identify facilities and providers that need improvement and celebrate the ones doing good work.


Mind, Body, Spirit

Connecting you with ideas & resources

We'll find trusted "Real" resources who offer free and sometimes paid services you might want to explore.

Find a great idea for that much needed vacation or maybe learn more about nutrition, even begin your next new adventure with other Veterans.



VetCV Never Shares or Sells Your Personal Information

Your data privacy, security, respect, and trust are core aspects of VetCV. 100% encrypted from the screen on your device to the cloud. That's why we named it the "Vault" and it's also why we are not Facebook!

The only way any of our Patriot Partners can get their message directly to you is via an ad inside the Vault or via an email directly from VetCV where we talk about something interesting they have to share like a tip, resource, or something we believe you should know about. We will sometimes also include a Patriot Partner in our social media outreach, but remember, it will ALWAYS be from VetCV.

Secure & Encrypted

Your data privacy, control, and trust confidentiality. Your info is never shared or sold.

Safety: Assurance that personal information is protected

Privacy: Assurance that release of personal information to others is under the user’s control

Respect: Assurance that users will not be contacted by unauthorized individuals, organizations, or companies

Our Terms & Privacy Policy details are here.


Philosophy & Mission

"VetCV’s aim is to provide a convenient, one-stop-App for information and resources you can use, to share your opinions and have a voice, stay connected, and build your own life record or Veteran Curriculum Vitae."

Active Duty & Veterans

VetCV supports active military and Veterans with tools, tips, and resources designed to help prepare and plan for their transition from active duty or building a career. Having and great job and keeping it important so that's where we start. There is of course more to life beyond a great job, we help there too. Check it out!






We invite friends, family, and patriots to create their own account as well. We believe family, especially spouses, serve too along-side their active duty or Veteran loved one. Having your own account can help the entire family. VetCV can help find that perfect job or help a caregiver as they help their Hero.




VetCV Patriot Employers and Sponsors have demonstrated a deep understanding and desire to support the needs of, and to hire, Veterans and their families. They are dedicated and committed to their social responsibility of being an American Patriot Organization. Click on their logo below to learn more and to hear what they have to say!

Start Hiring Veterans Today

VetCV is the place that connects employers with Veterans. We are filling the gap between Veterans who are looking for job opportunities and employers who are looking to hire a Veteran and their families.

Veterans are known for being efficient, respectful, and loyal employees with training that taught them how to follow orders as well as lead others. But transitioning from the military to civilian life can often be difficult. That’s why VetCV provides educational tools to help in that transition. In addition to these benefits, the best is yet to come: at VetCV, we will guide employers in a step-by-step process on how to acquire grants for training Veterans they hire and tax credits available for hiring Veterans.

If you want to hire great talent or would like to hear more about the benefits for being a Patriot Sponsor, please contact, call 850.441.2008, or click below.







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