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Welcome to your future. The VetCV App puts Veterans and their families in control again. VetCV is a Web App created by Veterans, for Veterans, providing Active Military, Veterans, and their families with a secure, safe, online Vault to help with separation and transition, careers, easy access to Life tools, and resources we can all use as we move through life's next adventures.

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Transition Support, Reinvented... and we are just getting started!

VetCV - a digital platform to help you transition from Active Duty, Manage your career, Organize important military service, home, and medical documents ALL in your Private Cloud Vault.

Some of you will start by just using your Vault to Successfully Separate & Transition to that next perfect job. Others will use other Vault features when you need them.

We start by connecting real people to real jobs with Patriot Employers & Partners throughout the U.S. Our Patriot Partner sponsors make it possible for us to bring VetCV FREE, at no added cost, to Users.

Basically, Veteran and military-friendly partners need YOU to join their team or they have a product or service they believe you can use.

That said, no information is ever shared with them, our Patriot Employers can only post jobs or participate as a sponsor. You decide if you want to learn more the old fashioned way - You Contact Them.

It took six months, two years, or even longer to master the military knowledge, skills, certs, and abilities needed to do your work in your DoD field. Many Veterans however, are lucky if they get 24 hours of training to re-integrate into their next adventure as a civilian. That's where we start, VetCV can help you plan, prepare, and succeed in securing that perfect civilian job!

We Start by Connecting Real People to Real Jobs

FINDING A GREAT JOB IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE IN TRANSITION Stress and anxiety about transitioning from active service is real. The VetCV Vault will help you find resources you need and get you started in your next career.

First step, create a great Resume in your VetCV Vault, we've made it easy. Just fill in the "Blanks." Finding a great job with a great employer -- and keeping it, is key to launching and navigating a successful transition.

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Create an account - It takes less than a minute


Create your Resume, search jobs - Browse Vet Specific & military friendly Jobs


Organized & Store Essential Documents - Easily access important transition & health documents on the go


Take Control - With an app that keeps Veterans and families first

Organize all service records and important home documents in one place so you can quickly and easily get to them when you need them again.

  • YOUR DD214
  • and MORE

Families, caregivers, and patriots are encouraged to create their own VetCV Vault, not only to support their Veteran but also for themselves.

Find a job, Discover a career path, Organize and Store medical and military records, Find and access resources and benefits, and much more.

Easy, quick, no fuss.

Then we try to help with other stuff you might need like easy access to VA resources, a place to easily organize and store important home and medical info so you can quickly find it when you need it, and much more. We are always working on something new our members want or need.



VetCV Mission Update

New Vault Feature - My Health

Now you can Track & Store important health record information and documents.

  • Medications
  • Immunizations (including COVID)
  • Allergies
  • Health Insurance Info
  • Your Doctors
  • Emergency Contacts

Access vital health info when you need it, it's literally at your fingertips.

Blog Post: Time to Step-Up, Again, to Serve

As Veterans, it's time to Step-Up once again to serve our country. This time Your Mission is to help American businesses that serve us when we go out, sell us the things we need every day, and make the products we buy. READ MORE



Upcoming Events

November 10, 2021 - Pensacola Fl

10 am

The University of West Florida Veterans Day Observance, UWF campus at Camiellia Greens.

5 pm - 8 pm

Grand opening of the museum and monument dedicated to women Veterans. Location: 980 E. Heinberg St., Click SHERO WARRIOR image to learn more.

November 11, 2021 - Pensacola Fl

11 am

Please join the 2021 Veterans Day Celebration Thursday Nov. 11th at the Veterans Memorial Park on the Bayfront downtown Pensacola.

Honor a Veteran by having a Brick with their name on it or have a Military Tribute Banner made. A fantastic way to support the park!

"What I like especially is that it definitely does what it says its going to do; be a one-stop shop and essentially a "transition buddy." The dashboard features a lot of resources (application for health/education benefits etc.) those frankly, especially as a recently separated veteran, are actually quite elusive during the transition process.

Steven D.

Our app is so easy & intuitive that learning your way around it requires no documentation or complex instructions.



Send a quick email or call us so we can learn about what's important to you. It's important to make sure we forge a genuine human "old school" Trusted Relationship with all of our Users & Patriot Partners. That happens fastest when we get to know each other. A VetCV team member is looking forward speaking with you. Welcome to the VetCV Community!




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